DoT chief kicks off listening tour




The Manila Times


TOURISM Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco will start her “listening tour” this week to see and hear the concerns and challenges faced by regional offices of the Department of Tourism (DoT) and stakeholders. She emphasized that the goal of the Department of Tourism is to help the economy rise and recover. Garcia-Frasco thanked DoT personnel for their warm welcome and gave assurances that all stakeholders will be given equal opportunities through the tourism program that will be made available nationwide. Speaking before undersecretaries, directors, division chiefs and employees on Monday, July 4, 2022, Garcia-Frasco vowed to address the tourism issues brought on by the pandemic, noting that the sector was one of the hardest-hit industries in the Philippines. She said that under her term, the department will give attention to tourism sites, promotion of local products as well as Filipinos. The Tourism department will also prioritize reaching all regional offices and their partners in local government units. “I have full trust in the workforce of the Department of Tourism because you have been forged in the fire of the pandemic. We’ve been through it, we have survived, and we have thrived. There is no other challenge that we could not possibly surmount. And so, I ask for your support, I ask for your unity, I ask for your commitment to the Filipino people, that our brothers and sisters may be given equal economic opportunities through tourism programs that are made available in sites, provinces, cities, municipalities nationwide,” she said.