Missing a great start



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the date of receipt thereof, otherwise, it shall become a law as if he had signed it.” The 30 days of HB 7575 would have been on July 2, but with the end of the term of PRRD, all bills not signed are deemed back to square one, and we have so many bills that have gone that way. What is there to veto when bills enrolled by June 3, 2022 will technically not reach the 30-day counting period for the president to act on? Where was the PLLO in all these backdoor moves? And we are not discussing the pros and cons of a Bulacan Airport City special economic zone and freeport. Memo Circular (MC) 1 was issued on July 1, 2022, declaring vacant certain positions in the departments, offices, agencies and bureaus in the executive department. The Presidential Management Staff is the repository of presidential appointments. There is a blue book that lists all these positions and the occupants of these positions. It behooves the Office of the President to understand that MC 1 can actually affect the whole of the bureaucracy that can lead to a slowdown or paralysis in the most critical phase of any new administration. Four appointments are “deemed separated from service by noon of June 30: 1) all presidential appointees whose appointments are classified as co-terminus; 2) all presidential appointees occupying positions created in excess of the authorized staffing pattern; 3) all non-CESOs occupying CESO positions; and 4) contractual and/or casual employees.” As of Aug. 31, 2021, there were 1,597,973 career; 157,451 noncareer; and 582,378 job orders/contract of service. Of these, 68.52 percent are with the NGA and 4.08 percent with GOCCs. The effect of the stirring inaugural speech was short-lived because of the post-inaugural actions taken and the manner by which it was communicated and managed. The highs are all over, hard work begins and governance calls for ready and able hands. There are old hands in the institution of the presidency, avail of them as the new team gets their act together to support PFRMJ. There is a gap between what can be called the “soft” side of leadership (transformational) and the side that is more focused on “carrots and sticks” (transactional). Although both are important elements of effective leadership, leaders must also know the “nuts and bolts” of the context in which they are leading. Instrumental leadership fills that gap.