QC to expand delivery of social services




The Manila Times



QUEZON City Mayor Maria Josefina “Joy” Belmonte is committed to further expanding and hastening the delivery of social services to address the needs of QCitizens, saying she aims to surpass her achievements in her first term. Every year, she said the local government will progressively increase the budget dedicated to social services for the marginalized and underprivileged sectors, from P9.8 billion to P16.1 billion this year. The local government will also launch the “Alagang QC Program” in which it will provide financial assistance for those who have lost and will lose their employment and other means of livelihood. The city government will also provide indigent seniors, solo parents and persons with disability who are not receiving any other support with monthly financial assistance under its Social Welfare Program. After providing safe and comfortable security of tenure to more than 17,000 families in the past three years under her housing program, Belmonte said the acquisition of 36 hectares of real property for distribution and the construction of more housing projects are underway. Aside from boosting the city’s health care services through renovation and upgrading of health centers and the hiring of additional health care workers, a government hospital in District 6 will soon be operational. In terms of education, she said the local government is set to establish more Quezon City University branches and will roll out a comprehensive scholarship program for students in grade levels, senior high school and college, as well as for athletes and those taking vocational courses. In her second term, Belmonte said the city will be the nation’s capital for people’s participation and inclusive governance with the creation of the QC People’s Council. “Our Quezon City People’s Council will push for the right of every individual to participate in policy-formulation, hands-on implementation and vigilant oversight, regardless of age, gender, or industry,” she said. The mayor also promised to continue her aim to automate and digitalize all transactions with the city government. “Good governance is not something that you achieve and are done with. It is a continuing process that requires will and determination. We stay alert and stand firm, here and now, in our commitment, and will exert every effort in the days to come to improve upon our hard-won gains,” she said. City Treasurer Edgar “Ed” Villanueva told The Manila Times that the good governance initiatives being implemented by the mayor have helped the city to make it to the top of the list of local government units nationwide in terms of locally sourced revenues. “Her good governance is the key to this enormous success, which then earns the unwavering support of businesses and the public. They trust where their money goes and how it is disbursed,” he said. “The local taxpayers know where the taxes go, the visible projects of the city government, such as the extension of ‘ayuda’ (aid) and health assistance to the greatly affected residents and infrastructure projects were continued despite the global effect of the pandemic,” the city official added.