DoJ chief to go after LRA, BI syndicates




The Manila Times


JUSTICE Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla vowed to dismantle syndicates at the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Land Registration Authority (LRA) and Bureau of Corrections, the three key agencies under his department. Remulla attended his first flag ceremony at the Department of Justice (DoJ) main office in Manila on Monday. He said that the rule of law will be the touchstone of his leadership. “We are at the frontline, the justice system should be impartial, everybody should be equal,” he said. He warned that he will go after syndicates operating at the LRA first. Remulla also mentioned the BI, where human trafficking and extortion activities are rampant. “The sad thing about the Bureau of Immigration is that it exercises sovereign powers. It is the face of the country and we Filipinos have a duty to protect our own country, what more for the frontline organization that people see when they enter and leave the country?” he said. Last month, the DoJ dismissed 18 BI officers and employees after finding them administratively liable for the so-called “pastillas” bribery scheme.