Luxent Hotel: 10 years of perseverance, ambition and splendor



The Manila Times

Public Square

IN the years leading up to July 27, Luxent Hotel has gained invaluable patronage that has greatly contributed to where it stands today. “Much like we’ve already been doing, Luxent is keen on guests’ feedback to further improve its facilities, services and policies, as our biggest concern is the safety and security of our guests and employees. Luxent continuously innovates customer service skills,” says Melanie Pagkalinawan, Luxent Hotel general manager. Luxent champions good communication. The management stands by it because it means listening to the guests, understanding their problems and valuing their feedback. The department managers also have that empowerment — whose influence drives others to strive for the same success. Developing healthy relations through the avenue of learning from one another and building those relationships is also significant to the Luxent Hotel brand. Ultimately, the management makes the employees part of that brand. “The month-long celebration commemorating a decade of drive is upon us. With that, Luxent’s concept is ‘Driven @ 10,’” clarifies Pagkalinawan. The concept outlines the management’s ceaseless aim for better hospitality. The management swears by loyalty and hard work and makes certain the concept reflects in how the hotel is run every day. Accordingly, there will be continuous retrofitting of the main wing to better develop Luxent’s facilities. The month wouldn’t be complete with the hotel’s exciting promos. All food and beverage ala carte orders will be 10-percent off at the Lush Bar and Lounge. This is all-around perfect for those who simply want a hearty meal.