Comfort above all else is a woman's ‘Triumph'



The Manila Times

Public Square

CONFIDENCE is not easy to come by. It takes a lot of work, time to build and many missteps and blows to the ego before it is truly and fully formed. But one thing’s for sure, real confidence arrives when an individual feels comfortable inside and out. A woman’s road to confidence and its stumbling blocks comprised the lively Facebook Live conversation mounted by heritage lingerie brand Triumph to enrich and entertain its loyal Philippine patrons. Titled “Inspiring ComforTalk, ”Issa Litton hosted the session that featured Melissa Benipayo and Patricia Bobadilla. “Just like many of us, these women haven’t had it easy because of the pandemic,” Litton said to start the roundtable. True enough, Benipayo talked about her struggle to transition from the excitement of corporate life to being a stay-at-home mom. Bobadilla confessed to risking her health with the demands of a six-day work week. When Litton asked how each of them beat these complicated situations, Benipayo and Bodadila agreed they started with a simple quest for comfort, which ultimately led to finding a women’s prized confidence. More specifically, they recommended starting off by achieving the most basic and essential comfort at the level of undergarments. “You can start by investing in perfect underwear, like the right bra for you, which will make all the difference,” Benipayo advised. “You’ll feel comfortable and supported and ready to tackle whatever obstacles come your way.” She specifically recommended trying Triumph’s selection of Non-Wired Edit Bra collection, which gave her confidence a significant headstart. “The ‘Invisible Inside Out’ bra vanishes in the necklines and underarms with totally smooth edges and keeps me from worrying about that ‘bakat’ feeling even in my white shirt,” she elaborated. While she can’t stand wires but needs a pushup with wires, Bobadilla recommends the Aqua Jade bra that provides the necessary support sans any discomfort. The rest of this engaging and very relatable girl talk is still available to view on Triumph’s official Facebook page with a resounding message that comfort should be non-negotiable for women everywhere.