Wife of Vhong: It was the longest two days of our lives




The Manila Times


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AN emotional Tanya Bautista, wife of Vhong Navarro, faced the press on Wednesday to share the current situation of the actorhost since his detention at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on September 19 for rape and acts of lasciviousness case filed against him by Deniece Cornejo. Bautista described it as “the longest two days of [their] lives” after handing him two arrest warrants from the Taguig Regional Trial Court. “He is so positive, and he looked forward to my coming today. But before I left, he became emotional. Things might be difficult to process if you have no one to talk to, since he didn’t know who was there.” Bautista added that Navarro is still at the NBI premises. “I gave him updates from Atty. [Alma] Mallonga. After what happened, it was the longest two days of our lives because of the double warrants of arrest,” she continued. Bautista also shared the pain that their family has to experience because of what happened. According to her, it was difficult to explain to Navarro’s two sons, Isaiah and Frederick, what happened. “Our two boys are also broken. Vhong shields them as much as possible. But they get to know things through social media.” “The pain is too much. Every time people ask me, I would describe it as a roller coaster since there is good news and then after a day or two, we have bad news. You try to [be] positive about it. But we also get to a point when we get tired. I don’t know how they will prove the allegations against him. And then suddenly, the decision was reversed,” Bautista shared. “The reversal in the case made us feel we are being attacked, and we’re not prepared — we didn’t have any weapon or gear to protect ourselves. That’s how we felt,” she continued. Bautista then revealed the next step they had to take to force a petition for bail. “We will fight it out. Rape is not bailable pero (but) why was there an allegation [of] rape? We gave all the evidence[s]. Vhong is very consistent with his story since day one. When I saw him, he was beaten up black and blue, he confessed everything. Everything was supported by documents. That’s why I don’t understand what they mean by probable cause,” said Bautista. On the talks that Navarro might be transferred to Taguig City Jail, she said, “That’s very scary because it’s like a threat against his life. I think the lawyers also filed a motion, so that won’t happen. But right now, [I] am worried about the security for Vhong.” She also said that they have an idea who is behind the unfortunate incident to Vhong but opted not to share with the public yet. Asked for a message for the accusers, Bautista finally said, “They know the truth. Vhong committed a mistake against me — he has confessed to me, and I’ve forgiven him. He tried to make up for his mistake in the last eight years. We got married. We were happy, and then this happened.”