Metrobank rolls out new financial literacy platform




The Manila Times

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TO mark its 60th anniversary in banking, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank) has renewed its focus on financial literacy by introducing Moneybility, an e-book that will help Filipinos to become financially resilient. The new financial education platform is convenient for individuals who want to start developing smart money habits on budgeting, dealing with debt, insurance, investing and more. Moneybility is currently available for sign-ups at “We strive to go beyond just providing the usual banking services, and aim to be the credible and reliable partner of our customers for expert financial advice. With education as our driving force, we hope to fulfill their needs while at the same time empower them to sustain a financially resilient way of living,” said Metrobank Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba. According to a 2016 Standard and Poor’s Global FinLit Survey, a country’s financial literacy rate has direct correlation with its economic development. In the case of the Philippines, only 25 percent of Filipinos are financially literate, trailing behind other Asean countries, based on World Bank’s 2014 Financial Capability Survey. It also offers Metrobank My Choice Investment funds for as low as P1,000 and allows account opening of a Metrobank savings account. Users can go to the website, earnest. ph or download the app in the Play Store and App Store for iOS and Android users. “Money management is not one-size-fits-all, so we have a slew of financial education initiatives that can provide proper guidance to every Filipino. At the end of the day, we envision all of us to be financially resilient. That means we can face any financial challenge at any point of our financial journey,” said Dimagiba.