Central Visayas Business Conference continues



The Manila Times


Public Square

AFTER the success of the Northern Mindanao Business Conference and the 1st Central Visayas Business Conference, the Regional Development Series continues with the 2nd Central Visayas Business Conference to be held today, Sept. 22, 2022, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. In partnership with Global-Link MP and Olacon, the conference features some of the biggest exhibition and conference event organizers in the Philippines that includes the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines Inc., the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines in partnership with the Spanish Chamber, the German Chamber, the French Chamber, the Dutch Chamber, the Nordic Chamber, and Advantage Austria. This conference aims to showcase investment opportunities, discover the insights of local businesses, and analyze trends. It is envisioned to further connect businesses based in Central Visayas that venture in creative industries, advanced technology and innovation, sustainable business practices, real estate, railway infrastructure, aerospace, renewable energy, and health, among others, to parts of the world as a hub for global corporations and investors. The online event will feature a prominent set of speakers and panelists from the government, local government units, the local business community, and foreign investors and organizations. Main focus for discussion includes topics such as potential developments for the Cebu City Waterfront, visions for the tri-cities (Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue) development, European cooperation projects in Central Visayas, and economic growth and infrastructure development in the Philippines focusing on Central Visayas.