Inserto presents ‘Karate’ book to Yupangco



The Manila Times

Public Square

MON Yupangco, councilor of the Fifth District of Manila and president of Community Chest Foundation Inc. (CCFI) and past president of Rotary Club of Paco, received his complimentary copy of the book titled Karate: Workout for Seniors and Non-Seniors at home during Covid-19, named as “Karate Book for A Cause” from Manny Inserto, author of the book and past president of Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila (RCBM) held on Sept. 6, 2022 at CCFI office in Manila. Author Inserto is a seasoned banker and at present the vice president and treasurer of Bangko ng Kabuhayan, formerly Rodriguez Rural Bank, the first Rural Bank in the Philippines since 1952. He was a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who worked in various banks in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asian countries. Banker Inserto is at present the treasurer of Community Chest Foundation Inc., over-seeing the finance and investments. The proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to all the projects of RCBM particularly in charitable and community works (50 percent) and ayuda to poor families (50 percent). The second book entitled, the Fundamentals of Karate, the Secret Art of Self-defense and Discipline will be available by December 2023 according to the author.