Reading comprehension in an emergency situation



The Manila Times


Authority, libraries, even civic organizations like the Girl and Boy Scouts, sports participants should have reading enrichment programs tailored for them. Giving out books during these sessions would also help generate interest in reading. In fact, high schools and graduate schools, where reading comprehension is presumed but is absent, should do their part in organizing reading enrichment programs. In other words, they should offer supplementary classes in reading to struggling students to help them learn better. In addition, corporations should give the same supplementary reading classes to employees who feel they need it or those whom the corporation itself feels need it. As part of the drive toward reading comprehension, parents and caregivers must be enlisted to encourage their wards to pay more attention to books and other reading materials, and less to the cyber and television world that shortens attention spans as they cut corners for brevity, or entertain inanely. All of the above could relieve teachers of the stress and fatigue they are now undergoing as students fall behind further in reading comprehension. And while funds are found and spent, please include children with special needs. Both kinds of students, if given the opportunity of opening the door to knowledge which reading indubitably does, will perform well as able citizens.