Pioneer Adhesives turns eco-friendly




The Manila Times

Green Industries

PIONEER Adhesives is making moves to reduce the use of plastic components in the packaging of its various epoxy products. All Pioneer epoxies are usually sold as two-component products that require the consumer to extrude and mix equal parts prior to application. All previous epoxy tube packaging included a plastic spatula and mixing dish to aid the consumer in this process. To reduce plastics in its products, Pioneer Adhesives launched its new packaging featuring the “eco-stick,” a replacement for the plastic spatula that comes with all epoxy tubes. The eco-stick is made of bamboo, a strong, highly sustainable and 100-percent biodegradable material. “It’s also handcrafted by a local community here in the Philippines, paving the way to bring livelihood for people in that community,” Pioneer Adhesives said. According to the company, the original plastic mixing dish was replaced to further minimize the use of plastic. “The blister board was redesigned to encourage the consumer to use it as the mixing dish. This provides additional purpose for the paper blister board which is typically thrown out,” it added. Pioneer Adhesives said the modifications yield 6 metric tons less plastic packaging. Initially covered by the new environment-friendly packaging include Pioneer Epoxy Tube Durasteel Five, Pioneer Epoxy Tube All Purpose and Pioneer Epoxy Tube Plus Five Clear. “Although plastic is still being used in the packaging, these steps mark the activation of Pioneer’s efforts to go green and help sustain the environment and the community,” it said.