JustPerform enters the Philippine market



The Manila Times


Public Square

ON its sixth year after gaining global attention and bagging six badges from the recent 2022 BPM Best Vendor Annual Awards and Gartner Peer Insights, JustPerform founders shared their vision for the Philippine Market at The Shang at the Fort in a recent press conference. JustPerform is the next generation cloud native platform that empowers business leaders to view and manage their organization’s performance accurately in near real-time via a simplified platform that can cater across different areas of their business as an entity or even as a diversified and complex multiindustry conglomerate. Apart from financial planning and analysis as well as financial consolidation, JustPerform can extend beyond what a regular enterprise performance management (EPM) or planning tool can offer. From its unique automated, process-centric approach to automating strategic and tactical planning, scenario modeling, profitability cost management, and sales and operations planning, to name a few, JustPerform provides a multi-space, single platform to complete the components of EPM that each company needs to navigate the post-Covid business environment and mitigate the impact of the next potential disruption in the future. With its three foundational pillars of business process focus, intuitive user experience and governance, JustPerform brings speed, scalability and auditability to EPM initiatives. It uses customers’ valuable insights to drive product development, service and support. This commitment to the customers was recognized by Gartner, which awarded JustPerform with the “Customer First Badge.” JustPerform has been headquartered in Singapore with wholly owned subsidiaries in California and India. To learn more details, visit https:// www.justperform.com/ or https://www. linkedin.com/company/justperform/.