EastWest Ageas helps Filipinos live their best lives today



The Manila Times


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PLAN for tomorrow and live your best life today. That is EastWest Ageas Insurance’s passion statement, and one they are committed to. This month, EastWest Ageas debuted its latest digital ad, which visually depicts how the company helps its customers with their needs and aspirations through the solutions it provides. “An insurance policy is more than just leaving something for your loved ones,” said Joub Miradora, chief customer officer. “It’s about ensuring you can live worry-free today, so you can enjoy life more.” EastWest Ageas provides financial solutions to meet the needs of anyone concerned about their future security. EastWest Ageas’ investmentlinked policies make it easier to create the future you want. The various fund options enable you to diversify your portfolio, earn more, and build a prosperous future. You’re also well protected against the unexpected, thanks to the insurance component attached to these policies. EastWest Ageas offers financial solutions that protect you from life’s unexpected twists and turns. Protect your health, and EastWest Ageas can assist with your medical needs. The company recommended getting insured while one is young and healthy to manage premiums more easily. Today’s insurance coverage allows you to save money for your retirement years. EastWest Ageas will help you through good and bad times so you can live comfortably as you get older. “At EastWest Ageas, we are committed to increasing Filipinos’ confidence in their futures,” said president and CEO Sjoerd Smeets. “We want them to understand the importance of insurance in their lives and how it can help them protect what is important to them. This digital ad demonstrates our dedication to helping Filipinos in living their best lives today.” To learn more about EastWest Ageas’ financial solutions, visit https://www.ewageas.com.ph.