Prestiz helps you cool down for summer



The Manila Times

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Prestiz, a new cooling experience SUMMER sun is starting to beat down harder as the sun shines higher and the breeze blows warmer for the season. Right on cue, Prestiz’s reliable line of air conditioning solutions comes in to save the day. If keeping cool is a top priority for summer, be sure to visit Prestiz’s selection of window-type air conditioners to help you stay cool and comfortable while still enjoying the benefits of advanced energy-saving technology, smart features, and stylish design. What makes Prestiz’s air conditioners truly unique is the technology behind them. Their window-type air conditioners feature energy-saving technology that makes it easier for everyone to enjoy summer in complete comfort. Each unit is designed to consume less energy while still providing the same reliable, cooling performance, which makes them an ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers who want to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their electricity bills. The units also offer a waterproof and rustproof body and electric shock protection. This ensures that Prestiz air conditioners are built to withstand daily wear and tear easily. Additionally, each model comes with a 1-year warranty for labor as well as parts, a 5-year warranty on its compressor for residential use, or three-year Compressor warranty for commercial use. Every model comes in streamlined and stylish designs and Prestiz air conditioners come in a range of sizes and styles so you can choose a unit that fits exactly what you need. Prestiz window-type units are available in 0.5 HP, perfect for 8-10 square meter rooms, 1.0 HP, ideal for 13-16 square meter spaces, or 1.5 HP, suitable for 17-21 square meter rooms. Visit Shopee or Lazada to browse through the products or visit leading department stores.