GLoan makes starting a business easier for Filipinos



The Manila Times

Public Square

THE pandemic brought the country to a near-standstill when, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, around 7.3 million Filipinos lost their jobs and were forced to find new means of living. Such is the case of Cocoy Rubio, who only had P700 when he started his mobile bike café business, fresh out of being laid off as a bartender for six years. Taking a leap of faith, Cocoy used GCash to easily purchase supplies and enable customer payments, eventually building what is now known as The Bike Coffee in Cagayan de Oro. Cocoy’s journey of determination and grit is only one of the stories of the 70 million Filipinos who use GCash, retold through the #GCashStories digital series. GCash inspires Filipinos to take a step towards funding their future by providing a more accessible and convenient way of borrowing money without judgment. To provide more Filipinos with easy access to extra funds, GCash offers GLoan, its cash loan product. This offers a credible and easier alternative to traditional banks and other formal lending agencies without sacrificing their safety. Eligible GCash users who wish to avail GLoan can choose their loan amount from P1,000 to a maximum of P125,000, and receive it straight to their GCash wallet. With competitive interest rates as low as 1.59 percent per month for 5 to 24 months, GLoan provides the same credible and secure experience of loaning from banks. To be eligible for GLoan, users must have a fully verified GCash profile and must maintain a qualified GScore, which is the app’s trust rating reflecting their GCash activity. Access GLoan through the GCash dashboard under “Borrow.” Download the GCash app on the App Store or Google Play now and jumpstart your dreams.