Piolo Pascual, always on the right track




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BUSY is an understatement when it comes to top actor Piolo Pascual. Still the Ultimate Heartthrob, he remains a leading endorser for the biggest brands in the country and is never without a major project. From starring in the viral sexy drama “Flower of Evil” on iWantTFC, he went straight to shooting the Netflix original movie, “My Amanda,” which quickly became the No. 1 title on the world’s biggest streaming platform in 2021. In 2022, he shot the historical movie “GomBurZa,” which is yet to be shown this December. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Pepe Diokno, he was cast in a special role as Padre Pédro Pelaéz. Immediately after, he jumped on the set of “The Ride” — a suspensecrime thriller with Kyle Echarri, also to be released within the year. Still up for 2023, the prolific actor will play the titular role in the stage musical “Ibarra” in June, go on a concert tour in July and start shooting for another movie by August. “All these opportunities just keep coming my way, and I’m inspired to take on whatever challenge is next. I get excited when I go to uncharted territory and push myself to come up with something I haven’t done before. So, I guess that’s why I stay active. For me, you should keep doing what you know is best for you,” Pascual revealed at a Sun Life event. Besides acting, he is also busy behind the scenes as he continues to produce movies with business partner and filmmaker Joyce Bernal for Spring Films and Cornerstone Entertainment. “We just posted our recent film, ‘Walang Kaparis’ starring Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez. It’s currently on Amazon Prime. We also have a couple of films on our slate, so it’s been busy. We have another meeting to plan for the next quarter because we already have some films lined up.” Pascual admitted that, like any business, producing movies is hit and miss. Much like his commitment to acting, though, what is important for him is his passion. “I guess you’ll never know how things will pan out, just like the Wheel of Life. But nowadays, it’s more of a calculated risk because of the emergence of new platforms. We’re happy because we’re back on track. “There were years when we really had to take a backseat and assess ourselves if what we’re doing is still okay and feasible. “But of course, there are investors that continue to trust us, so we manage to survive. Just keep going, and you’ll never know, you might hit the jackpot just like what happened in ‘Kita Kita.’ Because of that, our outfit is able to thrive, and now we have more films lined up,” he continued. With Pascual’s career thriving as ever, both as an actor and businessman, he makes it a point to keep fit given his many commitments. “I give importance to sleep, positivity, keeping your mind free of any negative elements around you, and being motivated by the things that come your way.” He makes sure to reward himself amid all his projects, saying, “I eat my favorites, go to the farm, etc. It’s not OK to get burned out.” Indeed, good health is vital to living life to the full, whether you’re pursuing your dreams, caring for your family, or enjoying the fruits of your labor. According to Pascual, this is the message Sun Life Philippines is spreading through its latest campaign, which he spearheads anew. Featured in the video ad, “Wheel of Life,” which depicts a game show, Pascual, as the game master, gives players a preview of the financial impact caused by illnesses and how health insurance can help mitigate such situations. “Critical illness can deplete one’s hard-earned savings. Through our new campaign, we wish to present Sun Life as a partner that can help Filipinos be well prepared against these uncertainties and live life on their own terms,” Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong expressed alongside Pascual in the same event. Proud to be practical, Pascual underlined the importance of setting money aside for rainy days, especially regarding health issues. His final advice, “Even when I’m not earning anything, I don’t have to worry about paying my expenses because I’ve been saving for years. What I do is whatever I earn, I put it in the bank first and then from there, I set aside 10 percent for my tithes, and then the rest goes to savings. As much as possible, I try not to spend on material things. I’d rather buy insurance or open a time deposit.”