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Benitez: No plan to run vs Lacson in 2025


BACOLOD CITY: Victorias City Mayor Javier Miguel “Javi” Benitez denied speculations on Monday, March 27, that he will run against Negros Occidental Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson in the 2025 elections. The incumbent governor will be gunning for his last and third term to lead the province.

In a text message to The Manila Times, Benitez said, “we’re focused on planning and implementing programs and projects for Victorias City.”

“If people feel that what we’re doing here can be replicated, then it’s a testament to our performance so far. That’s all there is to it and we still have so much to do here,” the first-term mayor said. “i’m glad that our work here is being appreciated by good feedback.”

In a press conference at the New Government Center, his father, Bacolod City Mayor Alfredo Abelardo “Albee” Benitez, confirmed the statements of his son that the latter will not go against lacson.

‘”There’s no such thing,” the elder Benitez said.

The possibility of the younger Benitez running against Lacson was raised after he was seen going around Negros Occidental attending charter events and festivals of the different local government units.

The Bacolod City mayor said that Javi’s presence at these events “is part of his job as president of the Negros Association of Chief Executives.”

The elder Benitez also denied that he was planning to unseat the incumbent governor in the next elections.

Benitez laughed when he was informed by reporters of the rumors.

“I don’t see that there can be any force that can come in considering that the unity in Negros is very, very strong,” Benitez said.

The United Negros Alliance and Love Negros coalition remain united and does not have any cracks or divisive movements, he said.

“I’m supporting the governor… and the political coalition in Negros province,” Benitez said.

“Gov. Bong (Lacson) is a very, very good friend and ally,” he pointed out.

“Good luck to them,” was his reaction to those planning to challenge Lacson.

“As far as I see, Negros province has been unified and that unity is very, very strong,” benitez added.

The Bacolod mayor assured supporters and his constituents that he is not leaving the city for a higher position.

“Why should I leave Bacolod?” he pointed out. “With all these programs and projects in line, I have to see its completion,” the mayor said.

“We need to finish it all,” he said. asked if he will run for another term, benitez said, “if there is a need for another term so be it.”





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