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DoST helps mold industry in Cavite


THE Department of Science and Technology (DoST) on Saturday said the agency has recently conducted a mold technology demonstration to help the local mold manufacturers in General Trias, Cavite.

The DoST Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) promoted the Mold Technology Support Center (MTSC) to provide awareness about the agency’s training and seminar programs, which aimed to develop mold-related skills among manufacturers.

Lawyer Norma Tañag, zone administrator of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), said that there are more than 200 companies which have benefited from the center’s training and webinar services.

“This is one of the core reasons why I’m at Kawasaki — because of the training program of MIRDC,” Kawasaki Motors Philippines engineer Christian Celso Dumala Jr. said.

Dumala said that there is a lack of basic knowledge in creating molds for automotive parts, and the MTSC’s training helped them localize their production.

“One of the challenges of Kawasaki is the lack of basic knowledge in mold. In terms of die jigs and fixtures, we have advanced knowledge, but in terms of mold, it is usually being made from Japan or overseas. So, when we heard about the training program of the MTSC regarding molds and design, I immediately referred it to our supervisors,” Dumala said.

The MTSC’s help in localizing production was also highlighted by McBride Corporation, which specializes in providing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

McBride company said it also found better ways of manufacturing through the DoST-MIRDC’s facility.

“We are always present in DoST’s seminars. We really have learned a lot from it which we have used in our company. McBride’s plan is to really have an engagement with the MTSC,” McBride production supervisor Charlie Buenaventura said.

The center’s training program has also extended to the academe, aiding science research from the University of the PhilippinesDiliman, in research and designs, the DoST said.

The MTSC has been up and running since the completion of the building in May 2022.

“While the partnership project with the Republic of Korea is expected to end, the center remains bullish with the continuing government support to sustain its operations,” the DoST said in a statement.





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