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Asean-China Online Influencers Conference kicks off activities

THE Second Asean-China Online Influencers Conference with the theme “Cross Mountains and Seas to Meet in the Blessed Land” was recently concluded in Fuzhou, China this month.

The event was co-hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association, Asean-China Centre, Global Times Online, Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Foreign Affairs Office of Fujian Provincial People’s Government, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and supported by the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Foreign Affairs Office of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, and Fuzhou Gucuo Group Co. Ltd.

Asean diplomatic envoys in China, Chinese and foreign media representatives, online influencers from China and Asean countries participated in “A Visit to Fujian Province” and the Forum of Asean-China Online Influencers Conference, two activities of the event.

The Forum of Asean-China Online Influencers Conference reviewed the achievements of China-Asean cooperation since the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed 10 years ago and envisioned the prospects of China-Asean cooperation in economy and trade.

It also discussed how internet platforms and new media technologies should be utilized to facilitate China-Asean economic, trade and cultural cooperation.

“A Visit to Fujian Province” comprehensively demonstrated Fuzhou’s urban landscape and economic development. Inviting participants to visit the landmarks of the city such as the Binhai New Town and “Three Lanes and Seven Alleys,” aimed at promoting China-Asean economic, cultural and tourism cooperation.

It is believed that the Second Asean-China Online Influencers Conference will further promote economic and cultural exchanges between China and Asean countries and bring the cooperation to a new level.

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