Marapara Rotary to stage Kabigting exhibition




The Manila Times

Public Square

THE Rotary Club of Bacolod-Marapara is to stage an exhibition of 29 recent paintings by highly-acclaimed Filipino artist Fernando Kabigting. The artworks will go on display at the Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club from October 10 to 16 during the MassKara Mayor’s Cup golf tournament. The exhibition will then move to the Acacia Hotel from October 17 to 22. Kabigting, a self-taught artist, is well known for his paintings on antique wooden batya, featuring daily life and scenery from the Philippines. His paintings are much in demand, especially in the US where he has held countless oneman shows including major sell-out exhibitions at the New York Philippine Center and the United Nations. Now 83 years old, he paints every day in his home-studio Iloilo City despite suffering a severe stroke in 1999 which forced him to begin painting with his left hand. But every piece he creates now carries more depth and more emotions that convey life and love. In 2015, he was presented with Iloilo City’s Achievement Award. All 29 paintings will be for sale with part of the proceeds going to help fund Marapara Rotary’s community outreach projects. “Fernando Kabigting is one of the country’s most celebrated artists, and we’re honored to be able to stage this exhibition. This will be the second show of his works we’ve presented and they have all been a huge success. We extend a warm welcome to all art lovers to come and see his new paintings,” said past Marapara Rotary president Remy Montemayor.