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Odiva offers juicier, sweeter pork dishes from TW pigs

BLACK pig breeds have long suffered from growth deficiencies due to genetic impurities, resulting in the decline of the quality and appearance of pork from this stock. Recognizing this issue, Odiva has dedicated itself to reinvigorating the genetic makeup of the classic Taiwanese black pigs, also known as “Pinpu black pigs.”

This endeavor has paved the way for producing premium, sweet and delectable Taiwanese black pig pork, crafted with sustainability in mind and ready to be savored by palates worldwide.

In upholding its unwavering commitment to excellence, Odiva has seamlessly blended culinary excellence with tradition, achieved through adopting cutting-edge agricultural technology while preserving heritage through its innovative breeding practices.

The three pivotal practices lie at the heart of their distinctive pork flavors: Selective Breeding (Eugenics), 270 Days of Aging, and High-Quality Fat.

In collaboration with experts and research institutes, Odiva has curated a comprehensive genetic library for the breeding stock of the “Pinpu black pig.”

This process is a revered art passed down from generations of pig farmers and requires a profound understanding of the breed’s genetic heritage.

This meticulous 270-day maturation process hinges on a detailed understanding of the meat’s characteristics. By combining this age-old skill with cutting-edge technology, Odiva has mastered the art of temperature control, ventilation and lighting, mitigating the meat’s stresses and enhancing its overall quality.

Odiva’s pork is a rich source of collagen, Omega-9, and essential fatty acids. These elements combine to infuse the meat with that unforgettable juicy sweetness and a tender and satisfyingly chewy texture.

As a testament to their excellent workmanship and dedication to the art, Odiva will extend its reach into the Philippines and be used at

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