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A racetrack beside an airport


IN all of the automotive shows I have been to in the world, the most common venue of a test drive would either be a race track or an airport tarmac. Running full speed on a powerful machine requires a lot of space.

Well, some of the cars we test are not so powerful but even 80 kph is quite daunting in tight spaces so either a race track or an airport tarmac is recommended.

Why not on highways? My answer is highways are for responsible driving. Honestly, we do not condone breaking the speed limit or driving recklessly. This is because we are more concerned about other users of the road compared to “kamote” motorists.

Now, if you are one who has the capability to buy one of those race cars, then you would want to be able to access a nice track to test your skills and ability to hit high speeds.

It does not have to be a multimillion supercar. So, a Honda Type R, Nissan GTR or 450Z, Mazda MX-5 or the like would do.

But if you happen to buy a Ferrari from Velocita Motors, its owner, the venerable Ramon S. Ang, promises you will have your own race track for your playground.

In fact, the three and a half kilometer race track will not be exclusive for just Ferrari owners but all owners of premium cars.

The track will be built beside the Bulacan airport, which Ang is building and will house not only a race track but also garages and mechanic/technical centers to tune and clean your premium or sports car after taking it around the track.

Ang had this idea when he realized there is no good road to drive fast cars in and around Metro Manila.

“You have a good car, but there is nowhere to drive it, sayang (what a waste),” lamented Ang.

Although BMWs and Ferraris, of which Ang has exclusive distributorship, may get preferential treatment, the tycoon said his race track will be open to all.

And who knows, in case we really want to play around, we might even get to spin around the tarmac of his airport.





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