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IN a world constantly in motion, where the pursuit of life’s simple pleasures can seem like a distant dream, the Volvo EM90 fully electric premium MPV proves to be a mobile sanctuary. Going beyond the conventional definition of a car, the EM90 aims to carve out a space for living, offering individuals a haven to connect, contemplate, and unwind amid their bustling lives. Premium design and striking presence The EM90 sets a new standard in the MPV segment with its confident exterior, showcasing iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights and an illuminating front adorned with a logo making its debut on a Volvo car. The rear is equally captivating, featuring a lit-up wordmark and evolved vertical tail lamps inspired by the modern city skyline. Available in four nature-inspired exterior colors, the EM90 exudes warmth and sophistication, seamlessly blending with its surroundings. Unparalleled range and innovative charging As a fully-electric vehicle, the EM90 impresses with a remarkable range of up to 738 kilometers (kms) under the CLTC testing cycle. With a 116-kilowatt-hour battery, it boasts a rapid charging time from 10 to 80 percent in under 30 minutes. Accelerating from 0 to 100 kph in just 8.3 seconds, the EM90 is powered by a robust 200-kW electric motor. Setting a new benchmark, the EM90 features bi-directional charging, allowing its battery to act as a power bank for other electric vehicles and appliances. Aero wheels, ranging from 19 to 20 inches, showcase a blend of engineering artistry and aerodynamic efficiency, optimizing driving range. Safety and advanced technology integration Drawing from Volvo’s 96 years of safety heritage, the EM90 incorporates safe space technology and a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. High-definition cameras, surround-view cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and ultrasonic radars collaborate to ensure safety both inside and outside the vehicle. Inside the EM90, top-notch sound isolation, road noise cancellation technology, dual-chamber air suspension, and silent tires contribute to an exceptionally comfortable ride. The Bowers & Wilkins sound system, featuring 21 speakers, transforms the car into a private concert hall. Digital experience and adaptable interior The EM90 delivers an outstanding digital experience with Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms and 5G connectivity. A refreshed Volvo avatar inside the 15.4-inch infotainment screen enhances the interactive experience with the voice assistant. A high-definition 15.6-inch roof-mounted screen, folding down for entertainment, supports mobile screen projection and third-party apps. The multifunctional set of screens and smart surfaces within the EM90 allows for customizable in-cabin scenarios. From a theatre to a meeting room or a bedroom for the rear seats, the interior adapts seamlessly to the user’s preferences. Future-ready and accessible With over-the-air software updates, the EM90 ensures continuous improvement over time. The Volvo Cars app provides a digital key and remote functions for easy access and control. Emphasizing the EM90’s significance, Jim Rowan, chief executive officer of Volvo Cars, said, “It gives you room to connect. Room to create. Room to relax. Room for you and for those around you.” The Volvo EM90 is poised to debut in China, with pre-orders now open for customers in the region, promising a revolutionary experience that transcends traditional mobility.