Corolla Altis Hybrid Electric Racer

A beacon of Toyota’s exciting journey to carbon neutrality




The Manila Times


TOYOTA Motor Philippines (TMP) has been rigorously testing its Corolla Altis Hybrid Electric Racer within the framework of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup. Recently, the vehicle transitioned from being a participant in the autocross round of the second leg of the Vios Cup to a demonstration vehicle. Notably, in the season-ending event of the Vios Cup, the electrified racecar underwent additional weight reduction measures, sported lighter wheels, and received modifications to the wheel alignment, suspension, and exhaust. This transformation underscores TMP’s commitment to elevating the role of electrification in the local Gazoo Racing narrative. The racing platform serves as an ideal stage to convey to Filipinos that an eco-friendly hybrid has a place in Philippine motorsports. While Formula One (F1) has featured hybrids since 2014, the Vios Cup offers a closer representation of the vehicles driven by Filipinos, making it an effective medium to showcase that sustainability and carbon neutrality can coexist with the thrill of driving. It is evident that Toyota is not only dedicated to crafting enjoyable cars, as demonstrated by models like the GR Yaris, GR Supra, GR 86, and the yet-to-arrive GR Corolla in the Philippines. In the pursuit of creating enjoyable vehicles, the company is also sending a powerful message that even motorsports and fun cars can align with sustainability goals. The transformation of the Toyota Prius, under the leadership of Chairman Akio Toyoda, exemplifies this paradigm shift, turning an eco-friendly hybrid into a vehicle with both style and dynamic appeal. The desire for the new Prius to hit the local roads resonates among enthusiasts. An extraordinary illustration of this commitment is the GR010 Hybrid Le Mans Hypercar-class racecar. This vehicle perfectly encapsulates Toyota’s unique blend of eco-friendliness and motorsports prowess. The GR010 Hybrid has propelled Toyota to lead the Constructors’ Championship at the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) for three consecutive years, leveraging insights gained from the TS050 Hybrid and this latest iteration to enhance their commitment to ever better cars. This brings us back to the unassuming Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid Electric Racer. Despite its unassuming nature, this car represents the culmination of Toyota’s hybrid engineering expertise and its dedication to crafting enjoyable vehicles. Whether serving as a family car, a luxury sedan, or a high-performance hot hatch, Toyota’s ongoing investment in motorsports assures us that they will continue creating ever-better cars, marrying sustainability with diverse solutions for different markets and individual needs. TMP is also actively promoting its extensive range of hybrids, spanning from affordable models like the Yaris Cross to luxurious options like the new Alphard. Toyota’s diverse hybrid lineup ensures that a wide spectrum of Filipino customers can embrace sustainable driving without compromising accessibility and convenience. The Corolla Altis Hybrid Electric Racer is poised to demonstrate that combating climate change involves making eco-friendly technologies accessible to a broad audience while delivering a thrilling driving experience. Beyond its environmental benefits, this racing gem promises an enjoyable ride, ready to conquer the track with its electrifying performance. As Toyota pioneers the integration of sustainability and exhilaration, the Corolla Altis Hybrid Electric Racer stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to an ever-better, sustainable automotive future.