‘May Ikabobote Pa’ promotes recycling of plastic bottles



The Manila Times


Public Square

ON top of the announcement of the new Coca-Cola Original and Wilkins Pure 100 percent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, the company has launched “May Ikabobote Pa,” its new consumer engagement initiative to inform and engage consumers about the actions they can take to recycle their empty plastic bottles. “May Ikabobote Pa” will be brought to life through activities, which are also intended to inspire action from consumers and like-minded organizations. Coca-Cola and Wilkins Pure bottles made from 100 percent foodgrade PET, excluding caps and labels, now have a call to action “Recycle Me Again” message on their labels. Engaging activities on recycling will be featured at Coca-Cola’s onground events as well as digital-led communications for consumers, as Coca-Cola Philippines will partner with groups and community leaders to co-create educational content for a wider audience and advocate for sustainable practices. The company is partnering with 7-Eleven stores and Shell stations to create programs that make recycling more convenient and rewarding for consumers. These activities are meant to bring people together and remind consumers about the importance of recycling their empty plastic bottles because #MayIkabobotePa (Bottles Can Have Many Lives). In line with Coca-Cola’s global commitment to sustainability, Coca-Cola Philippines has launched an employee engagement program, “Tapon to Reborn,” to encourage and enable its employees nationwide to become active participants in helping address the plastic waste problem in the country. The initiative aims to collect and sell 500 kilograms of PET bottles and cans. The proceeds of the collection will be used to support reforestation efforts in the Lagadlarin Mangrove Forest and Sierra Madre Forest. Visit the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub at coca-cola.com/ph/en/brands/ coca-cola/sustainability or follow the company’s social media channels @ CocaColaPhilippines on Facebook and @cocacolaph on Twitter and Instagram for more information.