SM Green Finds promote local artisans, support community livelihood



The Manila Times

Public Square

THE past few weeks have seen different parts of the world experiencing extreme weather conditions. In the Philippines, there are times when the day starts on a high note, with the sun shining brightly and the heat taking a toll on everyone. As the day ends, the rain starts to pour, causing heavy traffic and delays getting home. While the government and the private sector have already started to adopt measures and programs to do whatever they can to address climate change, this is not enough. Filipinos can do their part and help overturn the effects of climate change. That would mean buying products that do their part in the preservation of the planet through the promotion of clean beauty, sustainable fashion, green technology and an eco-friendly home. According to the UN Environment Program, to live sustainably, one must understand how lifestyle choices impact the world around. SM Store helps consumers make the right lifestyle choices through SM Green Finds. SM Green Finds is part of the SM Green Movement where SM Retail makes sustainability accessible by nurturing an ecosystem of stakeholders that are empowered to live green in the easiest way possible. There are three main pillars under the SM Green Movement — Green Planet, Green Culture and Green Living. SM Green Finds offer products made from natural ingredients and promote local artisans and support community livelihood. Through the SM Green Finds initiative, it is easier for customers to choose products that consider the well-being of our communities and our planet every day. “SM Store has made great strides with the SM Green Finds campaign. Our intent is to make sustainable products more accessible, and get our customers to practice intentional shopping,” SM Store executive vice president Dhinno Tiu said.